Vinton Unlimited

A merged chamber of commerce and economic development group.

Unlimited Possibilities in Vinton

Catch a glimpse of life through the eyes of a Vinton Unlimited board member as they share their views on a variety of topics.

April 2015: Matt Johnson

“Vinton is a small town”, is a phrase my wife Kimberly and I heard often from residents as we moved into town and started patronizing local businesses.  While I’m sure a lot of that phrase is built around the message of the town being friendly and having...

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March 2015: Robin Martin

Can you see the smile on my face? Finally, a glimpse of spring in the air! I actually spied a convertible, a few motorcyclists reveling in the warmer weather, lots of people outside walking and everyone in good spirits with the sun shining down on them. I’m a southern...

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February 2015: Melissa Schwan

Vinton Unlimited = Unlimited Possibilities Vinton Unlimited is celebrating its 30th Anniversary in 2015. Prior to 1985, the Chamber of Commerce and Vinton Development Corporation worked to take care of the community. Morris Eckhart was the first president of the newly...

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December 2014: Kristi Storey

Unlimited Possibilities December 2014 Kristi Storey Do you have a favorite Christmas song?  One that you sing every year and it brings back memories, good or bad?  I think that song, for me, would have to be “Oh Christmas Tree.”  From singing it in choir back when I...

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November 2014: Bob Koenigsfeld

An Outsider’s View Custom Millwork & Finishing (CMF) came to Vinton in 2006. Prior to that, Vinton was a drive through town for myself on my way to see friends or maybe looking for some farm equipment. Then the 4 lane came through and even that was reduced...

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August 2014: Ben Hyland

Did You Know Vinton Was Cool? No, I’m Serious. By Ben Hyland, Vinton Unlimited Intern As the summer gets shorter and the moans of high schoolers returning to school get louder, my time at Vinton Unlimited has come to a close.  I’ve really enjoyed working with the...

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July 2014: Dan LaGrange

Unlimited Possibilities By: Dan LaGrange, VU Board Member Moving away from Vinton was something both my wife and I knew we always wanted to do. After college we wanted to try different things, meet new people, and get a change of scenery. Both of us grew up in Vinton,...

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May 2014: Bethany Clemenson

Unlimited Possibilities By: Bethany Clemenson, Vinton Unlimited Board Member My husband and I relocated to Vinton about ten years ago. We were living near Sarasota, FL but had both grown up in the Mid-West. We decided we wanted to return closer to our family as we...

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April 2014: Jon Clingman

Unlimited Possibilities Creativity Lives in Vinton Jon Clingman, Board President   Webster defines “Create” To make or produce (something): to cause (something new) to exist or to cause (a particular situation) to exist.   Recently, Nathan Hesson and I had...

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February 2014: Dan Engledow

Hidden Secrets By: Dan Engledow I would imagine most of the Vinton population doesn’t spend much time in the Industrial Park. There are probably some that have never been out that way. In case you’re wondering, it’s the first road to the left after Pizza Hut as you...

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January 2014: Sue Travis

It is a privilege serving on the Vinton Unlimited Board and I am now entering my second year.  One of my passions has been to work on tourism for Vinton.  Some of you may be thinking right now, “Tourism? Why in the world would anyone travel to Vinton?  What in the...

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