As a Vinton Unlimited Board member, we are required to write at least one article a year, so as I sit and struggle what to write about, I find myself thinking of only a few items. Custom Millwork & Finishing’s 10 year anniversary is this year.  When the year started we were excited about what our 10th year would bring us, and if it would meet our expectations or maybe more.  The challenges of the day to day issues of running a business hasn’t changed much since the beginning.  There seems to be a lot of them, yet I’m sure they are proportionate to the volume we’re doing now compared to 2006.  Ten years just seemed to go by so fast.

I was always told the older you get, the faster the years go by. I was told right. I’m on the 2nd half of life and now I understand why they call it downhill, as it really does go by fast.  Then you have the events that slow everything down. I know the people watching flood waters creep into their yards and homes felt like time was crawling until the crest or finally the withdrawal of the foreboding intruder.  Life also brings us events that speed it up even more.  I lost my sister this year to cancer at the young age of 58.  I’m sure her last year didn’t last as long as she would have liked it to.

Ultimately, the things we face every day, whether it’s personal or business, don’t seem too important compared to having your home flooded or being a person battling cancer.  We overheard some complaining about having to drive all the way around town and how it took so long.  I’ll deal with that verses pumping out my basement anytime.  As the recovery gets underway and life goes on, how long will this perspective stay with me?  One week or maybe one month who knows, suddenly life pulls you back in and you just keep going.

Vinton has many great opportunities and challenges facing them this year.  Housing development, possible Braille School purchase, street repairs, etc., etc., and of course the big election for everyone this fall.  Take the time to be knowledgeable on the current topics at both the local and national levels.  Voice your opinion with your city council, state, and federal representatives.  Your local city government can be impacted more by visiting with them in person.  Attend one of the meetings and let them know how you feel.  Keep in mind they carry the responsibility of the whole community and do their best to represent them accordingly.  It’s a difficult job and one that is usually upsetting someone.  So even if you disagree with them you must be respectful of what they are trying to do.  We may complain about how things are being handled.  Voting is the best way to impact that.

What does all the rambling have to do with Vinton Unlimited you are probably wondering?  Well if we go back to the beginning, with Custom Millwork & Finishing’s 10 year anniversary, without the connections and help from Vinton Unlimited, BOG, the city council, city administrator, and other members of the community our 10 year anniversary may not have occurred.  No one can say for sure, yet we at Custom Millwork & Finishing say thank you, we do appreciate all you do.  Now we go for 20 years!  The rest was just me rambling.