lightsThe ‘Holiday Lights’ punch card promotion has officially wrapped up! During our promotion, almost 1,300 completed cards were turned in! That’s a lot of folks shopping local if you ask me! We look forward to bringing you this promotion again for the 2016 holiday season but in the meantime please toss any cards you may have left over. 2015 cards will not be valid in 2016.

Shopping local isn’t just important during the holidays but at all times of the year. We can all do our part to help businesses succeed by making a conscious effort to look locally before heading to that big-box store.

In case you missed it, here is a recap of this year’s winners!

Week 1 – $25 Vinton Value Dollars: Eileen Timmermans
Week 2 – $25 Vinton Value Dollars: Sharon Rhinehart
Week 3 – $50 Vinton Value Dollars: Joyce Kenney
Week 4 – $50 Vinton Value Dollars: Sandra Feldmann
Grand Prize – $100 Vinton Value Dollars: Jeanne Mann