You hear it all the time, “Shop Local”. This is so much more than a simple statement that the local Chamber of Commerce ( Vinton Unlimited) promotes in their ads.

The majority of us buy items online. The majority of us hit the malls occasionally. I do it, but almost always, it’s because the merchandise I’m in search of is not locally available (size 13+ shoes). In this “Amazon” world it’s far too easy to shop from home, in your pajamas, while relaxing in your recliner.

Nationwide we have seen numerous giant, brick and mortar retailers shuttering their store. Vinton has not been void of that problem.  Over the years, many businesses have either closed up shop or have been acquired by larger corporations. Some of this is attributed to, what can be referred to, as evolution. Similar to the corner gas station or neighborhood grocery store, time has changed people’s needs and expectations. Obviously, some of this is attributed to the internet frenzy and the “Amazon” world.

What goes unnoticed is the “trickledown effect” from a business closing in a small town, or any town for that matter.. First you stand a good chance of adding to the unemployment rate. Even if a business is bought by a larger corporation, staff will probably be reduced with some of the workload going to corporate offices.

Next, consider the other businesses that are going to lose a customer as a result of the business closing or being acquired; bankers, insurance agents, printing shops, office supply stores, accountants, newspapers, and the list goes on. Let’s not forget the local option sales tax that Vinton would be missing after the closure.

One last thought, keep in mind who contributes to the local charities, fundraisers and special events. I don’t recall Amazon, Wal-Mart or Best Buy donating to anything held here in Vinton. Your local merchants, for the most part, have and will help out when needed. Try to support them as they are trying to support you.