Vinton Unlimited

A merged chamber of commerce and economic development group.

Benefits of Business in Vinton

Wise investments in essential infrastructure, a vibrant retail district, exceptional entertainment and recreational facilities, accessible quality healthcare, and new educational facilities make Vinton the ideal location for your business!

Essential Infrastructure

In the last decade, Vinton has invested wisely in infrastructure and it has paid dividends in providing our downtown business district a thriving retail and service economy.

The following was taken from an Iowa League of Cities article describes the award-winning investments Vinton has made in the downtown in the last 5 years.

Vinton wins kudos for downtown infrastructure improvements

Winner: 2000 All-Star Community Awards Competition

The Cedar River city of Vinton was battling crumbling infrastructure and standing water in its downtown shopping area. It had been 50 years since the streets of Vinton were renovated.

Working in collaboration with Vinton Unlimited — the organization for Vinton’s chamber of commerce and economic development efforts — the plan for replacement of streets, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, storm sewers and street lights was developed and the downtown renovation project was underway.

The most remarkable aspect of the project was the coordination and communication efforts the city made in this massive infrastructure overhaul. The city appointed a retired street superintendent to assist businesses and pedestrians during the project. Weekly Friday morning meetings were held at city hall to update businesses, press and interested parties on construction and to discuss problems.

All deteriorated infrastructure was replaced, all sidewalk vaults were filled, 38 properties had old water lines or problem sewer lines replaced and 15 additional properties replaced their own.

Aesthetics received special attention, too. An antique sidewalk clock and 140 antique street lights were installed, and traffic signals removed for construction were repainted to match the new city lighting. Trees were also planted.

Since the start of the project a dozen new businesses have opened downtown, filling every vacant building. The Palace Theater reopened as a combination movie and community theatre, attracting people from Cedar Rapids and surrounding areas to visit Vinton to shop, have dinner and see a newly released movie for only $2 a ticket.

The wide range of projects also inspired the “Harvest of Walls Mural Project.” This fall, eight new murals were attached to the walls of downtown buildings that depict the rich agricultural heritage of Vinton and Benton County, each within walking distance of the others.

Two bond issues funded $2.9 million of the improvements. The Vinton Municipal Electric Utility provided the antique street lights. A TIF infrastructure project was created so the Fareway grocery store could rebuild at the same location with twice the capacity.


Exceptional Educational Facilities

Vinton Shellsburg Community School District

In October 2004, the Vinton-Shellsburg school district passed a $15.1 million bond issue for construction of a new high school in Vinton and various improvements to other buildings.

Kirkwood Community College

With the continued support and partnership of the Vinton Kirkwood Community College campus, our educational system will continue to provide a stable, well-educated, and motivated workforce for your business.


Accessible High-Quality Healthcare

Virginia Gay Hospital (VGH) is a privately operated, nonprofit rural hospital created by the trust of Virginia Gay, which has successfully served the needs of the people of Vinton and the surrounding communities since 1923. Their purpose is to provide quality health care services by using innovative, growth-oriented techniques and maintaining a sound financial base.


Arts, Entertainment and Recreation

An investment in The Palace Theatre renovation has resulted in record-breaking attendance and revenue year after year since its completion in 1999.

Vinton has an exceptional Parks & Recreation program that continues to expand with the recent addition of a $250,000 pool slide, and the donation of a $300,000 skating center.


Vinton Unlimited
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