Now that the weather is starting to warm up, I have been able to take walks outside.  I always enjoy going to the bank, grocery store or one the many fine shops in Vinton during one of my work breaks.  What I enjoy most is being able to talk to store owners, employees, and people that I see on these walks.  The usual conversations are “Beautiful day isn’t it?”, “How is your family?”, “What’s new?” or” Nice to see you!”.  I browse the shops and look at all their new inventory.  The extra bonus, I get some exercise!  What I love about small towns is the connections to people.  Why would I drive to a larger city and fight the traffic, stand in long lines to checkout, no one talks to me about what I need or how my family is?  I am not sure they even care who I am.

Now some of you are saying, I don’t know that many people in town and that doesn’t happen to me.  I challenge you to say hello to a stranger you meet on the street, introduce yourself to the owner or sales clerk in a Vinton business.  If you work in a business, engage in a conversation with people and make them feel glad they came in today.   You might just make a new friend!  Our view of this community and how we treat each other can make a difference.  In the day of big box store closings and competition on the internet, our town will only survive if we continue to support it.

All the people that live in this area, go to our churches and schools, work here, and play here are the ones that supporting this community.  They pay property taxes, wages to employees, donations to community groups and foundations, and a host of other to numerous to list.  It takes all of us to make this community thrive and prosper.  So the next time you have a chance, get out there and enjoy this spring weather and plant seeds of friendship with others you meet!